Test Results

Results for blood tests, urine and stool samples and swab results can be obtained by completing our online Test Results Request triage or by telephoning reception between 13:00 and 16:00.

General Information about Test Results

The surgery will not routinely contact patients with test results unless they are seriously abnormal so it is your responsibility to contact us for your results.

The test results initially go to a GP who will label them with a message such as “tell patient normal” or “no infection found” which will then be passed on to you by the reception staff when you phone. Reception staff are not clinically trained so are not able to give you any further medical information apart from the message written by the GP, so please do not ask them for more details as they will be unable to help. If you wish to discuss the results in detail, please make an appointment to see a GP.

Test Times

Blood results are usually available 2-3 days after the sample is taken, urine/faeces/swab results take 3-4 days, and more specialised tests such as nail clippings or certain blood tests may take many weeks – ask your GP for advice as to when to ring for the results.

Results of Smear Tests

Normal smears are recalled every 3 years or if you have abnormal smears it may be more frequently. Sometimes a smear is inadequate you will be called by the surgery to have it repeated. If there is any problems with your smear that needs referral to a gynaecologist the surgery will contact you to see a doctor in the surgery. Smear results can take a few weeks to come back from the cytology department, you should also receive a copy of the result in the post.


Results for patients over 16 can only be given to the patient.

As per our practice policy to ensure patient confidentiality, the staff will not disclosed any details of the test but will advise you of any action that needs to be taken.

Results can be given to someone other than the patient if previously arranged with doctor.

Laboratory Specimens

Specimens should be handed in as early in the day as possible. Please ensure your name and date of birth are on the container.