Oxford Knee Score

During the past 4 weeks…

How would you describe the pain you usually have in your knee? *
Have you had any trouble washing and drying yourself (all over) because of your knee? *
Have you had any trouble getting in and out of the car or using public transport because of your knee? (With or without a stick) *
For how long are you able to walk before the pain in your knee becomes severe? (With or without a stick) *
After a meal (sat at a table), how painful has it been for you to stand up from a chair because of your knee? *
Have you been limping when walking, because of your knee? *
Could you kneel down and get up again afterwards? *
Are you troubled by pain in your knee at night in bed? *
How much has pain from your knee interfered with your usual work? (including housework) *
Have you felt that your knee might suddenly give way or let you down? *
Could you do household shopping on your own? *
Could you walk down a flight of stairs? *